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Use a Temporary Ceiling to Collect Construction Debris

Construction projects can get messy, with debris falling all over the place, which can be harmful and dangerous. If you’re looking for an effective solution to the challenges debris pose during construction, you should consider a temporary ceiling.

What is a temporary ceiling?

A temporary ceiling is a thin sheet made of plastic, laminate, poly, or plastic-like material. It is usually installed under the actual ceiling and is used to collect debris and dust during construction projects.

Here are some benefits of using a temporary ceiling to collect construction debris.

Reduce health threats and safety hazards

Dust, debris, and other particles released during construction, like bad odors, could pose severe health risks to people in and around the facility. Using a temporary ceiling to trap these particles reduces the health risks people in the area are exposed to.

Helps you save money

During construction, there’s always the chance of heavy particles falling from the ceiling that could cause damage to other parts or items in the building if the building is not evacuated.

Using a temporary ceiling to trap debris keeps particles that could cause damage from falling and helps you save money on repairs or replacement of damaged structures.

Keeps the facility in use during construction

Construction projects can put the building out of use due to falling particles and dirt that could make the building unusable. Temporary ceilings collect debris and all construction particles, helping to keep the building functional during the construction period.

So you can go about your daily life or operate your business as usual even while the building is under construction.

Keeps the environment clean and safe

Temporary ceilings collect all debris and dirt that would normally create a mess in the environment, keeping the building clean. This makes cleaning and managing the space both during and after the project easy and reduces the risk of injuries that these particles could cause.

Guarantees safety of consumable items

There is always the risk of food and drugs getting contaminated with dust and other particles or chemicals that may be released during construction. For grocery stores or pharmacies, a temporary ceiling plays an important role in keeping the dirt and contaminants away from the food or drugs.

This is achieved by trapping all released particles during the construction, after which the temporary ceiling is carefully removed without releasing its content into the environment.

Every construction project creates debris and dust. And no matter the type of construction project, temporary ceilings are important for ensuring that your building, properties, occupants, and other items in and within the premises are kept safe from the dangers or safety risks that arise during construction.

For more information on how our temporary ceiling solution can meet your company and project needs, schedule an appointment now.


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