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At Safe Wrap in Whitehall, PA, we specialize in ensuring that your facility is protected from any hazards that can arise on the worksite during the construction process. We are committed to creating custom solutions for all of our customers. We guarantee the utmost protection to guard your assets against these contaminants. Whether your site is undergoing extensive renovations or minor adjustments, we can provide custom solutions to ensure a seamless process! Safe Wrap uses our extensive experience to provide the highest level of performance and protection. We are bonded and insured to give you complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the project. Numerous projects often require specialized applications that go beyond our standard services. Below, we break down some of the custom options we offer at Safe Wrap.

Take a look at our range of custom options below.

  • Debris Netting

    • It prevents larger objects from falling onto our suspended ceiling, i.e. drop ceilings, insulation, heavy debris, roofing material, etc.  

  • Fall Protection Netting

    • Protects clients from contact with the surface below and minimizes injuries. 

  • Doorway Covers/ Zipper Doors / Pocket Doors

    • Allow clients to enter/exit the work area without exposing dust and debris contaminants.

Debris netting at construction site
Doorway covers and zipper doors for dust and debris protection at construction site
Plastic wrapper with wrinkle texture sur


Protecting your employees, equipment and product, all while keeping your facility and work areas CLEAN. 

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