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Top Reasons Why You Need Professional Temporary Dust Containment

It’s a job best left to professionals like Safe Wrap, but why do you need professional temporary dust containment, and why should you hire Safe Wrap?

Why You Need Temporary Dust Containment


Dust, debris, and other particles released during construction activities can harm the people in and around the facility. Employees can come down with severe illness and stay off work for many days. Many companies also shut down operations during construction. Others that continue business activities run the risks of product contamination and eventual costly recalls. With a temporary dust containment system, you can continue operating while avoiding legal suits and expensive recalls.

Peace of mind

In addition, employees, management, and clients have the peace of mind that their safety is not at risk when a temporary containment is in place. As a result, employee productivity is unaffected, clients keep up their patronage, and business runs smoothly.

Why get a professional for temporary dust containment?

While a general, roofing, or building consultant can put up a tarp in a bid to prevent dust and debris from falling, the result is far from desirable, with severe consequences for both contractors and customers. Sure, some contractors do manage to prevent some debris from falling. However, the little dust and debris that find their way out are significant enough to contaminate products and cause illnesses, eventually causing a stop in production, to no fault of the contractor. After all, a roofing contractor’s expertise is in roofing, not dust containment.

Finding the hard way that it’s safer and more cost-effective to assign the task to a professional, the customer puts the project on hold and requests funding for a professional dust containment as it wasn’t in the original budget, to the detriment of the contractor. Smart business owners and contractors understand this and are including temporary dust containment in their budget way before project commencement. And with Safe Wrap handling the containment side of the project, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Why Safe Wrap Should Be Your #1 Choice

As mentioned earlier, installing a temporary containment system isn’t for everyone. Adequate experience and training are required to understand or ensure the following:

  • Vents and ACs are correctly wrapped

  • Importance of perimeter attachment

  • Removal of containment material without spillage of trapped debris

  • Expert navigation of lifts around expensive equipment

  • The dynamics of negative air pressure

At Safe Wrap, we possess these skills and more, ensuring the smooth sailing of your construction project without disrupting your business operations. Check out what we can do by scheduling an appointment today.


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