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Temporary Suspended Ceiling Connecticut

It’s not uncommon to find activities of a business put on hold for a repair, renovation, or construction activity pending the completion of the project. That doesn’t have to be the case.

If you have an ongoing renovation project in New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, New Britain, Greenwood or any other part of Connecticut, you don't have to halt or disrupt your commercial activities. With the installation of a temporary suspended ceiling, business operations can continue normally as though there was no project ongoing.

What is a temporary suspended ceiling?

Temporary suspended ceilings are plastic-like sheets that are installed temporarily to keep dirt and debris from falling on the floor while renovation is ongoing. They prevent contaminating the area below the ceiling and provide other benefits which will be discussed in the sections below.

Installing a temporary suspended ceiling is a must if you're carrying out any renovation project. And if your renovation project is anywhere within Connecticut, Safe Wrap has got you covered.

Benefits of installing a temporary suspended ceiling in your Connecticut facility

Here are some of the benefits of installing temporary suspended ceilings:

Preserve the facility’s interior

One of the things that are often overlooked during renovations is how the building's interior is negatively affected. The floors take the brunt of the damage, while the walls and equipment are often destroyed to some extent.

When you install a temporary suspended ceiling you are able to contain large chunks of rock, wood or debris that may damage parts of the building in the course of the project. Installing temporary suspended ceilings may seem like a lot of investment but are worth every penny spent.

To avoid accidents

While renovating a building, it is normal to have debris and dust falling about the place. The downside here is that it exposes both people and properties to damages and injuries.

With temporarily suspended ceilings, you prevent these hazards that may occur, as the material is durable enough to contain any items that might inadvertently fall on unsuspecting individuals.

Daily activities continue uninterrupted

Another benefit of installing a temporary suspended ceiling is that all operations and activities can take place without disruption. This is especially true of commercial buildings where every moment spent not doing business equals financial loss. This way, there will be no need for reduced productivity or temporarily closing down your business, which may lead to fiscal losses.

To prevent health hazards

There are health hazards associated with construction site dust and debris. Regularly breathing in construction dust can lead to serious diseases like silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, and lung cancer. Both your construction workers and anyone inside the building are at severe risk.

Installing a temporary suspended ceiling protects people from exposure to hazardous dust that may be harmful to their health. Temporary suspended ceilings provide a safe environment for both workers and every one occupying the facility.

Investing in a temporary suspended ceiling can pay off in numerous ways

Are you doing repairs or renovating your facility anywhere in Connecticut? With our temporary suspended ceiling solutions, you stand to reap so many aesthetic and functional benefits. Plus, our versatile solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs. Why wait? Schedule an appointment today.

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