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How To Keep A Job Site Clean With Temporary Suspended Ceilings

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Temporary suspended ceilings refer to a variety of materials, mostly consisting of a thin plastic sheet that is installed just beneath an actual ceiling, hence the term “suspended”.

These installations are important as they protect the ground and the space below when renovation activities are underway.

Thus, a temporary suspended ceiling is particularly crucial to prevent contamination by debris and keep workers safe. This is especially important in factories and offices that have sensitive material in the space.

Here are some things to consider regarding temporary suspended ceilings.

Install Hangers Correctly

When handling hanger installations, care must be taken to adhere to instructions laid out in professional directives, per the manufacturer and the designer of the ceiling system.

Hide Wires, Duct, and Pipes

A temporary suspended ceiling is a great alternative to costly repairs, helping to hide peeled paint, ductwork, pipes, and stains.

Some job sites with large spaces often have ugly veins of wires and pipes running across the ceiling. With a temporary suspended ceiling, you can add some aesthetics to your workspace. If there is electrical work up in the ceilings, you should make sure all the ugly work is hidden away from public eyes.

Buffer Against Dust

When doing construction work up in the ceiling, there is guaranteed to be considerable dust. No matter how careful your carpenters and technicians are, there will be dust, grim, and garbage floating through the air, contaminating your workspace.

Make sure the temporary suspended ceiling is well installed to guarantee maximum protection against contaminants in the form of dust.

Use High-Quality Sheets

For one, the sheets must be safe, as it would not do to have them collapse onto the workspace while ceiling repairs are underway. Some suspended ceilings come with contraptions to help to put out fires if such were to happen.

Avoid Disruption To Workplace Activities

In manufacturing plants where a disruption to work activities for even a few hours could result in a financial downturn, or outright ruin, there can be no disruptions, not even for the sake of an emergency ceiling repair. Thus, temporary suspended ceiling should be installed in a way that allows for the continuity of production activities in manufacturing plants and other work sites.

Prevent Health Hazards

Keeping the surroundings clean while doing construction work is important. Its importance goes beyond mere aesthetics, as it affects workers’ health. Construction work will often include the use of hazardous pollutants, all of which can constitute serious health issues for workers if not managed well.

With a temporary suspended ceiling from Safe Wrap LLC, you can rest assured that all the bases will be covered, ensuring your job site is contaminant-free, employees are safe, and activities aren’t disrupted! Schedule an appointment today!


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