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Does Your Construction Project Need a Temporary Wall Installed?

Construction project managers are saddled with the task of project continuity and the execution of a job to excellent standards.

However, their duties go beyond that. Safety is often a primary concern when construction is concerned. The risk of contamination and disruption to the day-to-day activities of building occupants are also severe issues.

A sound containment system is the answer to these problems. And you have a few options.

You can use plastic sheeting or other canvases. However, temporary construction walls are a cheaper and much more effective alternative.

Here are some reasons why you should get a temporary wall installed for your construction project:


There's bound to be a lot of disposable waste in construction work. Anything from old discarded equipment to lumps of wood and stone can be generated, as will wires coming loose off the way.

There's also the risk of tripping and physical injury to occupants in the building.

Construction work in renovation or remodeling is no easy task, and there are many important things to consider. As a contractor or project manager, you want the best solutions to keeping everyone safe.

That's why you need barriers. And, with temporary walls from Safe Wrap, you can't go wrong.


In a renovation or construction project, particularly in healthcare facilities or residential settings, it's essential to control the dust flow so as not to contaminate the atmosphere for patients and specialists.

Without an adequate mechanism, airborne particles and debris will spread uncontrolled into habitable spheres.

But that's not the worst.

Dust carries bacteria in its wake, which can be significant health hazards for people in the facility.

With a temporary wall system from Safe Wrap, it's easy to contain dust and debris, and no one may breathe toxic air.

Keeping to schedule

With temporary wall installation services from Safe Wrap, you can save yourself inadvertent delays during the project.

The alternative would be a drywall, which can take days to complete.

To minimize interruptions to regular activity

A major concern in construction is the puzzle of project continuity without disruption to the day-to-day activities of other occupants.

Many times, it seems that there is no way to reduce the extent of the disruption, and clients are often unhappy even while the project is ongoing. And these sites tend to look ugly and unappealing to visitors within the building.

It's essential to look professional and negate the ugly aesthetic outlook.

A temporary wall can be designed to blend in with the rest of the surroundings and look very professional. Your clients will be happy, and the staff can go about their business.

By contacting Safe Wrap to install a temporary wall, you can keep the construction sites away from public view and keep to safety measures.

Don't slow down your construction project. Schedule an appointment today!


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