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Construction Temporary Walls

Construction temporary walls are modified interior walls that can be easily removed with minimal damage to the floor, ceiling, or wall. Temporary walls do not have plumbing pipes or electrical wiring in them.

Temporary walls are mainly used to demarcate the construction sites from other occupied areas in construction for several reasons, some of which include:

To reduce noise

There will always be noise in a construction site, and it would disrupt activities in other areas surrounding the construction site, which is why temporary walls are used to reduce how much noise leaves the construction site.

To manage traffic

Managing how people move around a construction task is hectic and may be dangerous for people. Construction temporary walls can be used to close off the construction sites and keep people from walking into the construction site, and keep them out of harm's way.

To contain dust

It is not only noise that emanates from a construction site. There is also a lot of dust and debris flying around. The amount of dust and dirt emanating from a construction site can be very risky and dangerous for other people in the environment.

Temporary walls act as temporary dust partitions to contain dust and keep it from polluting the entire place. Although it may not keep all the dust in, it does a great job of preventing a lot of the dust from going out.

To create temporary offices

The offices and spaces in a facility may be out of use because of the construction going on in the facility. In order for activities to continue, occupants of the facility may need temporary offices or workspace until the construction is complete.

Temporary walls are most suitable for making temporary offices and workspaces as they do not take a lot of time to set up and cost less.

What type of construction projects can use temporary walls?

There are some construction projects where temporary walls can be very beneficial, and they include:

Renovation or expansion

Renovating or expanding a facility can be very messy and require occupants to vacate the premises.

However, in situations where the facility cannot be shut down and must remain fully operational, construction temporary walls can be used to close up areas being worked on and create new working spaces to avoid disrupting the facility's operation.

Cleaning and maintenance of equipment

It is important that equipment in any facility is properly cleaned and maintained; however, it could be disruptive and time-consuming. Construction temporary walls allow maintenance and cleaning processes to go on without interfering with other activities of the facility.

Replacing or repairing the flooring and plumbing pipes.

Plumbing and floor repairs or replacements are a lot of work and usually require that the area being worked on is closed off for the period of repairs or replacement.

Temporary walls are effective for keeping people out of the space as well as reducing the dirt and dust that may be released during the process.

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