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Renovating or re-roofing your commercial property comes with its challenges. However, debris contaminating the facility or causing harm to your employees shouldn't be one of them. With professional interior debris protection, products, equipment, employees are safe from contamination and health hazards.

Safe Wrap offers interior debris protection services during renovations and roof replacements in commercial and industrial facilities. We install temporary solutions, including suspended ceilings, partitions, and other custom applications that protect the facility from all forms of contaminants.

Using superior installation methods, our interior debris protection services also ensure your business is up and running with little to no downtime.


Safe Wrap offers interior debris protection services such as temporary suspended ceilings, barriers and partition walls, custom applications, and high structure cleaning.

Safe Wrap's innovative and effective suspended ceiling solution keeps contaminants away from your facilities while ensuring business activities are unaffected below.

Our solution is installed below the roof deck, completely protecting the facility from debris and other contaminants. The 100% code compliant suspended ceiling is fire and flame-resistant. And in the event of a fire below, your suspended ceiling has a SafeRelease mechanism and opens up, thereby exposing the sprinkler system that puts out the fire.

Suspended ceilings don't have to be all about functionality. We can install a ceiling that looks great and create the right ambiance for your employees to thrive.

During renovation or re-roofing projects, dust and debris accumulate in the ceiling, causing harm to the health of workers if not removed.

Safe Wrap's High Structure Cleaning eliminates debris and dust from every surface using HEPA vacuums, brushes, hand brooms, and other cleaning tools. With our suspended ceiling, most dust will be trapped. However, HSC ensures your facility is squeaky clean and contaminant-free.

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to interior debris protection. Every renovation and re-roofing project has its challenges and might require a custom application.

Safe Wrap works with you to find the best interior debris protection system that works for you. We install debris netting, fall protection netting, doorway covers, and many others, depending on the situation.

Another interior debris protection system is barriers and partition walls. They are put in place to separate the renovation zone from the rest of the facility, enabling business activities to go on as usual.

Partition walls can be installed from floor to ceiling and are used to contain debris from projects such as re-flooring, new equipment installation, and remodeling. Aside from debris containment, the temporary walls ensure construction workers are confined to the construction zone. 

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100% Interior Debris Protection Guaranteed

Safe Wrap is a trusted leader in interior debris protection in the construction and renovation industry. For seven years and counting, we've been safeguarding clients' employees, equipment, and products in Pennsylvania and all over the country.

"HAYDEN Building Maintenance Corp. has used the interior protection services of Safe Wrap LLC on numerous occasions. Safe Wrap has installed over 300,000 square feet of interior protection under very difficult conditions. They are dedicated and diligent, and their workmanship is outstanding. We will continue working with Safe Wrap for years to come."

Gregory P. Hayden, President of the Hayden Building Maintenance Corp

With satisfactory reviews like this, rest assured that Safe Wrap will work to protect your team, environment, and facility! Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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