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Do you need a temporary dust partitions for an upcoming project? 

At Safe Wrap, we provide temporary dust partition walls in Whitehall, PA. A temporary dust partition can help prevent any hazardous contaminants from spreading and create issues on a job site. These partitions can ensure construction and projects run smoothly. Backed by over 30 years of experience, we are committed to continuing to protect client's facilities nationwide. At Safe Wrap, our main priority for our clients is their safety on the job site. We understand that job sites come with certain risks, and we provide products to help reduce workplace challenges and safety hazards.  

  • Bonded and insured

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Adhere to the highest safety standards 

  • Incident and injury-free

  • OSHA 10-30 compliant teams

A temporary partition works to isolate an area under construction. 
These partitions can contain construction debris and keep adjacent areas clean and dust-free! Dust can spread and cause hazardous conditions, but the partitions prevent that from happening. They are secured from the ceiling to the floor and can be installed almost anywhere. You can also use these as a temporary wall to prevent outdoor elements from penetrating the facility. We also offer a 360 degree enclosed corridor between adjacent rooms to maximize staff protection from foreign debris in medical facilities. Our temporary dust partitions keep construction sites safe, productive, and efficient. 

Safe Wrap installs a UL-approved interior protection system to maximize the safety of all projects. Our reinforced engineered poly film and proven installation methods have been used on commercial, retail, telecommunication, healthcare, and food-grade facilities as well as military and naval bases across the nation. At Safe Wrap, we take pride in keeping their employees, equipment, products, and production clean from contaminants due to renovation projects. 

When you have an upcoming construction project, look to Safe Wrap to ensure everything runs efficiently. Contact Safe Wrap in Whitehall, PA, for more information on our services!  

Temporary Dust Partitions
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Protecting your employees, equipment and product, all while keeping your facility and work areas CLEAN. 

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