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Temporary Construction Walls: Benefits and Where You Can Use Them

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Temporary construction walls are an excellent fit for your construction project, offering immense benefits such as:

  • Keeping employees safe by preventing construction dust that could cause lung cancer and other severe health issues.

  • Ensuring dust does not damage equipment, thereby avoiding costly repairs.

  • Preventing dust and debris from contaminating products could result in costly recalls and legal matters.

  • Floor-to-ceiling protection separates the construction zone from the rest of the facility, confining contractors to their area and letting you maintain a professional look.

Where you can use temporary construction walls

Regardless of the industry, temporary construction walls help ensure a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for staff, customers, and equipment. They are particularly used in:


You can’t shut down a hospital and other healthcare facilities during renovations and construction. Furthermore, health facilities need to be able to treat patients and perform surgical procedures in a safe and sterile environment.

Our temporary construction walls can keep out dust, debris, pathogens, and other contaminants, enabling you to adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

Construction noise is reduced, making staff and patients comfortable.


Do you have to shut down and lose clients while renovating your retail center?

Certainly not. Temporary construction walls enable you to keep your retail store open so profits can keep flowing in.

With our attractive and durable temporary walls, you can maintain a professional look while construction is ongoing. Shoppers also won’t have to tolerate noise as our temporary construction walls keep noise to a minimum.

Data centers

Downtimes are not an option in telecom and data centers. Temporary construction walls prevent dust, noise, and debris from spreading through the building, keeping your data center in operation with zero disruption throughout the construction process.


Whether you’re building a new library in a university or adding blocks of classrooms to a high school, temporary construction walls can keep students in class, making education continuous, as it should be.

Dust and debris are kept at bay, ensuring your education facility is clean. Our noise-canceling temporary construction walls also keep noise out, making the environment suitable for learning.


In the hospitality industry, customer experience is everything. During renovations in hotels, restaurants, airports, cafes, and bars, the aesthetics of your space must be maintained while ensuring the health and safety of customers.

You can deploy temporary construction walls to give customers a positive customer experience.

Commercial spaces

In offices and other commercial spaces, staff must be protected from dust, pathogen, and other toxic fumes generated during construction.

Our temporary construction walls are cost-effective solutions that protect the health of workers and reduce noise, ensuring productivity during office hours.

For your construction project, we’ll install superior, cost-effective systems customized to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today.


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