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Are you in the process of renovating your facility and need the assistance of interior protection contractors? At Safe Wrap in Whitehall, PA, we specialize in ensuring that your facility is protected from any hazards that can arise on the worksite during the construction process. Dust, debris, and other hazards can interrupt the renovation process and create an unsafe environment. Safe Wrap guarantees the utmost protection to guard your assets against these contaminants. Whether your site is undergoing extensive renovations or minor adjustments, we can provide custom solutions to ensure a seamless process! From barriers and walls to suspended covers, high structured cleaning, temporarily suspended ceilings, and custom solutions, you can rely on Safe Wrap! Below are a few of the top benefits of working with Safe Wrap for your interior protection needs.

  • Bonded and insured

  • Peace of mind

  • Professional service

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Adhere to the highest safety standards 

  • Incident and injury-free

  • OSHA 10-30 compliant teams

Safe Wrap uses our extensive experience to provide the highest level of performance and protection. We are bonded and insured to give you complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the project. Safe Wrap installs a UL-approved interior protection system to maximize the safety of all projects. Our reinforced engineered poly film and proven installation methods have been used on commercial, retail, telecommunication, healthcare, and food-grade facilities as well as military and naval bases across the nation. At Safe Wrap, we take pride in keeping their employees, equipment, products, and production clean from contaminants due to renovation projects. When you need interior protection solutions, contact Safe Wrap in

Whitehall, PA! 

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Protecting your employees, equipment and product, all while keeping your facility and work areas CLEAN. 

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